The Media’s Coverage Of 2020 Democrats Is Already Garbage

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Published on 15 May 2019, 19:00
Whether it is hyping up someone who has no chance of winning the nomination, or presenting skewed polls that aren’t even reliable, the media has done a horrible job covering the 2020 Democrats running for President. Biden has received more coverage than all the other candidates combined, yet he can’t offer a single policy proposal. Beto O’Rourke was the media darling just a few weeks ago, and now he’s completely disappeared. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains why this coverage is so awful.
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Right now. I think we're up to what, 23 different Democrats running for president, uh, in 2020, only about 48 days at this point. 49 I believe, from the first debate. After that, we're going to see a bit of a thinning of the herd. Some people are going to drop out. They're going to realize, wow, I can't hold a candle against a this person. I'm done. People hate me now. I did horrible at the debates. Whatever it is, they're going to start dropping out. But one thing, regardless of which, of those 23, 24 people you support right now, one thing I think we can all agree on is that the media coverage of all of these people and the race itself has been complete and utter garbage. It honest to truly has, and I'm talking about the corporate media, right? Their coverage of the Democrats who are running has been so skewed and so wrong that it borders on the unbelievable at this point. Think about this six weeks ago, who was the media hyping up for us? Who was the next savior of the Democratic Party? That was Beto O'Rourke. Where's Beto now suddenly betters gone. They spent one, two, maybe even three months hyping him before he even decided to run for president. They got that big cover on Vanity Fair. You're talked about privilege on the view set up, just born to be in it. It's what he said. I'm born to be in it.
And then suddenly nobody cares about Beto anymore. But the media made a lot of money hyping him up, making us believe that he was the next big thing. Most of us could see right through it all flash, no substance. Got It. And that's why Beto disappeared. But that was a bad faith job by the media trying to force him on us later after Beto. And one of the reasons Beto kind of disappeared. He's now actually trying to remake as campaign. You've only been in it for like a month and a half. Like if you're already having to remake your campaign after that, we saw this with Republicans in 2016. You're done. You're toast. Go Away. They're doing the same thing right now with the mayor Pete Buttigieg, uh, hyped him up beyond belief. Then once it got past those who he plays a musical instruments and knows a lot of languages, hello, let's he stay in forward or does he stand for what's he stand for?
And then once we started getting a few answers on that a lot of people have cooled off on Mayor Pete because they realized, oh, bit of a corporatist, huh? Your issues really don't match well with what I believe at all. You're nowhere near as good as some of these other people running for president. So mayor Pete's kind of fallen out of favor a little bit, but even before we had Beto and Mayor Pete, they were hyping Harris, they were hyping booker who is still polling at a solid 2%. And speaking of those polls though, that is another thing that media has absolutely newly turned to garbage. We've seen so many polls come out mostly in the last week or two since Joe Biden announced that he was running for president, showing that man Biden is running away with this thing. Right. Until you actually look at the polls that the media is hyping up and you realized, oh, 60% of your respondents were over the age of 55 well yeah, no wonder they want to vote for Biden.

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