Hear the Bern Episode 2: Busting Trump's Health Care Myths

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20.05.19 – 11 33646:17
Montgomery, Alabama, Town Hall
Published on 20 May 2019, 16:11
Hear the Bern is a podcast about the people, ideas, and politics that are driving the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign and the movement to secure a dignified life for everyone living in this country.

On Episode 2, host Briahna Joy Gray takes on the many myths that critics use to attack universal healthcare, campaign staffers share their own healthcare ordeals and Dr. Heather Gautney, a senior policy advisor with the campaign, argues that, while Medicare for All might not be a “silver bullet” for every problem in the US healthcare system, it is an absolutely necessary first step.

Episode transcript available at berniesanders.com/podcast.