Overcooked Rice? Here's Exactly What It's Good For

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Published on 20 May 2019, 21:37
Let's face it, it's a lot harder to cook rice perfectly than it is to cook it too much. But there are actually times when overcooking rice is just what the doctor ordered. That's because it can make you feel a lot better when you're sick or you've overindulged! According to LifeHacker Skillet, all you need to do to make overcooked rice is to measure out your rice, and add two or three times the liquid you usually would. Cook the rice in stock, stirring when you remember, until it turns into a thick mush. You might throw a parmesan rind in there while it simmers, but most seasoning can be done after the soup is finished. Soy sauce, a splash of pickled ginger brine, and raw, grated garlic are terrific together, but really, any color of miso, fish sauce, and hot sauce to taste will do. Get well soon!

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