BTS and Bang Si-hyuk to join voting for Grammy Awards

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Published on 7 Jun 2019, 12:11
BTS•방시혁, 내년부터 美 그래미어워즈 투표 참여한다

K-Pop sensations BTS and their chief producer have clinched memberships to the U.S. Recording Academy, the group that chooses the annual Grammy Awards winners.
Kim Mok-yeon reports.
BTS have been invited to join the U.S. Recording Academy, an elite group of pop music figures most well-known for voting for the Grammy Awards.
The Los Angeles-based group announced the list of 1,340 people in the music industry that have been invited to be members on Thursday.
All seven members of the boyband were invited as "voting members" while the chief executive of their record label Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Si-hyuk was invited to be a professional member of the academy.
Since 1959, the Recording Academy has hosted the Grammy Awards every year to recognize the top talents in the music industry.
The boyband and Bang will now be able to cast their votes for the awards from 2020 and onward.
Big Hit Entertainment said that the academy's decision seems to reflect the impact and contribution BTS and Bang have made on the global music scene.
Earlier this year, Bang made Billboard's 2019 list of International Power Players as well as the U.S. magazine Variety's list of International Music Leaders.
BTS meanwhile have been making history in the U.S. pop market since 2017.
And it's not just the globe that BTS are making a mark,... songs of the seven-member boyband will now be heard in outerspace in 2024 as part of NASA's playlist on its voyage to the Moon.
NASA announced that the boyband's songs "Moonchild," "Mikrokosmos" and "134340" made the list.
The three space-themed songs were selected through the recommendations from Twitter.
NASA's 2024 moon mission has been code-named Artemis,... and will see the first female astronaut land on the moon.
Kim Mok-yeon, Arirang News.

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