Top S. Korean B-boy group busts moves with Chinese dancers at Korea-China friendship event

Published on 10 Jun 2019, 8:12
비보이 세계랭킹1위 진조크루와 중국 스트리트 댄서 춤으로 한중 우호관계를 이야기한다: 한중 우호 교류회

An event was held today in Seoul to promote friendship between South Korea, not just politically but culturally too.
It was organized by the local government of China's Guangdong Province, and brought together cultural and business figures from both sides.
Our Oh Soo-young was there.
Busting moves together, Korean and Chinese street dancers are telling a story of friendship.
On Monday,... globally renowned South Korean breakdancers Jinjo Crew performed with Chinese street dancing teams at an exchange event in western Seoul,... promoting closer ties between Korea and China.
"We were honoured to be invited today by the Chinese government. We may not speak the same language but we were able to make friends and collaborate through the language of dance."
"We were honoured to be able to perform with Jinjo Crew and we have a lot to learn ( ) from Korean street dancers. We were particularly impressed by their sincerity and professionalism and hope to spread this kind of culture in the Chinese b-boy scene too."

The event,... organised by China's State Council Information Office, Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City,... saw a gathering of business and cultural leaders from both countries.
Although Korea and China's relations go back to ancient times,... diplomatic ties between the modern states of South Korea and China were only formally established in 1992.
Since then, trade volume has grown thirty-three fold as of 2016,... while the number of visitors between the two countries surged from 700-thousand in 1992 to 10 million in 2015, according to Korea's trade promotion agency.
There have also been growing exchanges on municipal levels.
Korea's Gwangju and China's Guangzhou have enjoyed sister city relations for 23 years.
"We're not only similar in name, but we have also maintained close cooperation in numerous sectors including the economy, culture and sports. Unfortunately, after THAAD, civic exchanges haven't been as vibrant, but we must continue these exchanges to narrow the gaps in perception between our citizens."
"Amid concerns about growing trade protectionism and how this will affect bilateral trade, this story of friendship is meaningful and continues to promote understanding between our people."
Officials hope to strengthen cooperation between Korea and China and keep writing diverse stories of friendship.
Oh Soo-young, Arirang News.

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