Democrats Introduce Legislation To Allow Shooting Victims To Sue Gun Makers

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Published on 12 Jun 2019, 17:00
Victims of shootings in the United States may soon have a new weapon to fight back: lawsuits. Democrats in both the House and Senate are working on legislation called The Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act, which would remove the barriers that are currently in place and therefore allow shooting victims to sue gun manufacturers. Right now, gun makers have immunity from lawsuits, but that could change if this legislation is successful. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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Democrats in both the House and the Senate have put forward legislation that would actually repeal rules that are currently in place and have been in place since 2005 that give immunity to gun makers, gun manufacturers, gun sellers, ammunition wholesalers, all the people involved in the gun industry. Basically right now they have immunity from being sued by the victims and their families of shootings here in the United States. While House and Senate Democrats have come up with a piece of legislation called the equal access to justice for victims of gun violence act, that would basically take those protections and immunity away from the gun industry and say, Nope, you are now open for business in terms of being sued when your products are involved in a fatality, in an atrocity, whatever it is, your putting this product on the market, this product is killing people. You should be able to be sued for that.
Here's the thing, you have gun rights activists out there right now. Lawrence King of the National Shooting Sports Foundation who came out and said the following in response, he said, you would know more charge or blame Ford or General Motors for drunk driving accidents. Basically saying like, yeah, people drive drunk. It's not the fault of the would automobile maker. Just like, oh, people get shot. It's not the fault of the gun maker. You have a valid point, but let me go ahead and expand upon that. Suppose Ford or GM was out, their marketing, their tool as, hey, these vehicles are so easy to drive that even a drunk could do it. Or maybe they sponsor an event where they're just given out free alcohol all day while selling vehicles. Then yes, suddenly the liability shifts a little bit, doesn't it? And that's what these gone lawsuits would be about. Not just the fact that, oh, somebody went out and shot somebody.
Let's sue the gun maker. It's not gonna work like that because yes, that would be a huge issue. You can't just sue somebody for their thing being involved in a bad thing. However, if the marketing of these guns, ammunition, whatever it is, is marketed in a way that glorifies any kind of violence in any way. And it could just be talking about how fast it can get bullets out of the barrel that could make them liable. If gun sellers in this country aren't doing their due diligence, if they're not performing the background checks, if they're selling guns to people who they know shouldn't have them, that is a new avenue of liability under this particular act. Now, the sad part here is that obviously the Democrats support it, which is great. Republicans will not, this not going to pass the Senate, and then even if it did, you're definitely not going to get Donald Trump to sign it in a law.

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