Delusional Joe Biden Praises Wall Street, Says Republicans Will Be Cool Once Trump Leaves

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Published on 12 Jun 2019, 20:00
During a fundraiser earlier this week, Joe Biden again repeated his delusional talking point that Republicans will come around and see the light once Trump is out of office. That comment is stupid enough, but he went on to heap praise on Wall Street bankers and lobbyists. Who exactly is this man trying to get convince to vote for him? It obviously isn’t the actual public. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains why Biden’s campaign needs to end.
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You know what's really interesting to me is the fact that Joe Biden clearly does not want to be the next president of the United States, which again, I find odd because with the exception of Mike Grovel, everybody running for president on the democratic side, you could tell they do want to be president, but I promise you, Joe Biden does not want to be president of the United States. If he did, he wouldn't be out there saying some of the dumbest stuff we have heard from any of the Democrats running for president yet. That is exactly what he is doing. On Monday evening, Joe Biden attended a fundraiser in Washington DC, held by lobbyists and mega donors. Of course, we're, he made the outrageous claim again that Republicans are totally gonna wake up when Donald Trump is out of office and suddenly when that man leaves, they're going to work hand in hand with Democrats.
It's going to be just some big campfire Koombaya type situation in the House and Senate. Everyone's going to be working in perfect harmony. We just got to get rid of that Trump because apparently Joe Biden wasn't paying attention to anything that happened during the administration that he was a part of. He was vice president of that administration. Do do you not remember Merrick Garland? Do you not remember all the repeated attempts to repeal the affordable care act? Do you not remember the Senate under Mitch McConnell's leadership while you were vice president? Uh, statistically being the most obstructionist in history? That was all before Donald Trump was even on the scene. Bud. Donald Trump didn't exist in the political world and yet Republicans didn't want Democrats to do anything. Mitch McConnell famously said in that meeting, our goal is for Barack Obama. It'd be a one term president. And suddenly you think that they're only bad because Donald Trump is making them bad?
No, to be honest, it's quite the opposite. The only reason that we got to a point in American history where a guy like Donald Trump could be elected is because the Republican party stooped so low, lost all their standards that a guy like Trump was able to rise to the top. Trump is not the cause. Trump is merely a symptom. You want to look at the calls, go back through the history. You got George W. Bush, you got Ronald Reagan, you got Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, people in there for, you know, 25 30 years screwing things up for everybody, lowering the bar and the Republican Party. So Joe Biden's an absolute idiot if he believes that Republicans are suddenly going to wake up and come work with Democrats. They didn't do it before Trump. They're not going to do it after Trump. But to be honest, that's not even the dumbest thing that Joe Biden said at this little lobbyist fundraiser. No. Here, Ladies and gentlemen, is the dumbest thing that Joe Biden said. Wall Street and significant bankers and people, they're all positive. They can be positive influences in this country.

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