Trump Is Taking Money From At Least 22 Different Foreign Countries

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Published on 15 Jun 2019, 21:00
Donald Trump’s massive Emoluments Clause violations seem to be just racking up, and a new report says that his companies (which he gets the profits from) have taken in cash from at least 22 different countries since Donald Trump became president. He’s made comments in the past about favoring countries that buy things from him, and now every country on the planet understands how to manipulate him. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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You know, a guy like Donald Trump is actually pretty easy to figure out. You know, it's easy to know what this man stands for, what he's all about, what he wants to do, and how he's going to get there. And the easiest way to do that is simply follow the money. You know that old adage from journalism back when we had a plenty of real journalists in this country, we're down to just a couple at this point, but you follow the money and that's what some of these amazing organizations in this country, you're doing specifically citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington crew. They have done a phenomenal job of leading the charge in the lawsuits against Donald Trump for violating the emoluments clause of the constitution. Public citizen and Pro Publica have also been talking about the fact that Donald Trump is taking in illegal payments from foreign governments, from foreign officials representing those governments.
They're staying at his hotels, they're playing on his golf courses, they're eating at his restaurants. That money by way of the profit stream goes back into Donald Trump's pocket. It is therefore it illegal and monument according to the US constitution. Now, Donald Trump is the only president in modern history who has been allowed to maintain control of their businesses while serving as president of the United States. And as I am very fond of saying they made Jimmy Carter sell his peanut farm. The man couldn't profit off of peanuts, yet Donald Trump can profit off of all these foreign dignitary staying in his hotels. And if you don't think it's a big deal, then how about this new report that shows that 22 different countries have essentially funneled money to Donald Trump by way of using his properties?
Yeah, and here they are. This is from NBC News. I'm going to read this word for word. At least nine foreign governments were involved in hosting events at a Trump property. They are Afghanistan, Cypress, Ireland, Japan, Philippines, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. At least nine foreign governments rented or purchased property in buildings where communities owned by Trump businesses. They Har Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia of China, Malaysia, Slovakia, Thailand, India, and the EU representatives of at least five foreign governments, Georgia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Romania, and Saudi Arabia have stayed at a Trump property and at least eight foreign governments or their representatives attended parties or gatherings at Trump properties and those countries would be Brazil, Dominica, Georgia, Nigeria, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, Qatar.

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