Ending Gerrymandering Once and For All ( w/ Kathryn "Katie" Fahey)

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Published on 19 Jun 2019, 23:15
Gerrymandering is the practice some politicians use to make their districts really strong ones for their base and dis empower other voters. Its a tool the Republicans have become very good at

But can we stop Gerrymandering?

Can one-person change the constitution of a state?

Yes, they can. Learn the story from Katie Fahey from Michigan and The People, who enabled a state-wide ballot initiative to the change of the state constitution of Michigan. The gerrymandering explained in our states, takes away your voting rights and the ability for politicians to draw districts to suit their electoral needs. Representing the people needs to be held in check to benefit the people on the ground and not the political servants. How to change a law was the challenge to stop politicians picking heir voters by changing districts to their benefit against the will of the people. Discover how to undertake the same process to prevent gerrymandering in your state.

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