How OwlKitty the Cat Became a Hollywood Star | The Breakdown Ep. 1

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Published on 23 Jun 2019, 9:58
Welcome to The Breakdown, a new weekly show from In each episode, host Luke Mones will share never-before-seen stories, revisit our greatest hits and go inside the newsroom to bring you the stories behind the stories. Let us know what you’d like to see!

On the first episode:

OwlKitty (@owl__kitty) is just your average house cat who somehow finds her way into Hollywood blockbusters like "Rogue One," "Jurassic Park" and "Titanic." Digital reporter Stephanie Officer talks to her owner and asks: What’s the secret to this feline's success? And in our "Test It Out" series, can Luke replicate it?

We also revisit the smallest Globetrotter, Mani Love, and his biggest fan: his mom. What you didn't see in the original story? What happened when digital reporter Sal Bono challenged him to a game.

And you know what ASMR is, but why do you love (or hate) it so much? Get a sneak peek at an interview with Professor Craig Richards, who explains exactly what it's doing to your brain. Come back for Episode 2 to see the full interview and exclusive kinetic sand videos from Sand Tagious.

Check out for more on these stories and look out for episode 2 next weekend.

"We’ve Got the Video" - OwlKitty: 00:48
OwlKitty interview: 04:15
"Trailblazers" - Globetrotter Mani Love: 06:48
Reporter Sal Bono battles Globetrotter Mani Love: 09:14
Sneak peak of Ep. 2 - Kinetic Sand: 10:43
"Test It Out" - Luke stars in "Jurassic World": 11:57
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