'The only game that makes me happy' - amputee boy from Sierra Leone shows love for football

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Published on 27 Jun 2019, 0:53
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A young boy Santigie, who lives in the capital Freetown, spoke about his disability and his love for the beautiful game before cameras on Wednesday.

The boy was born with a congenital condition where one leg turned back on itself and the other split into two. As a result he uses his hands as feet to play in matches with friends on the local pitch.

In an interview, Santigie said he played football because it is "the only game that makes me happy." The budding striker also said he enjoyed scoring goals and that his favourite player was Mohamed Salah.

After an aid worker at the UK charity Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope (ELOH) posted a video of Santigie that went viral, an online campaign was created in order to raise money to buy him a brand new Liverpool kit and prosthesis support.

Santigie is 1 of 850 kids with some form of disability that World Hope International supports in Freetown and one of 10 amputees that WHI together with ELOH helps in the country.

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