Are The 2020 Democratic Candidates Getting Enough Sleep?

Published on 29 Jun 2019, 14:06
According to a Business Insider opinion piece, the sleeping habits of some of the 2020 Democratic candidates could be better.
Recent New York Times interviews with the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates suggest that few of them sleep the recommended amount.
Marianne Williamson explained, "I want to get eight, but I rarely do." Eric Swalwell admitted, "I would kill if I could just get four and a half."
Some candidates were not specific about the amount of time that they regularly hit the sheets, saying variations of "it depends."
Professors Christopher M. Barnes and Cathy Goldstein believe that poor sleeping habits could have serious consequences for the candidate's health and leadership abilities.
In the Business Insider opinion piece they add, "It also sets a bad example for the rest of the country."

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