Trump Bizarrely Claims Green New Deal Will Harm Minorities And Poor People

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Published on 9 Jul 2019, 16:00
On Monday, Donald Trump gave a speech about the environment, just moments after Washington, D.C. experienced one of the heaviest rainfalls on record. But rather than talk about leading the country forward, Trump derided progress by making absurd and completely false claims that plans like the Green New Deal would somehow harm minorities and poor people. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains why Trump’s claims have no basis in reality.
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Yesterday, Donald Trump decided to give a speech about America's environmental leadership. Obviously it's a very important topic we have seen just in the last few days, anchorage, Alaska hit the 90 degree mark, which is the highest temperature ever recorded in Anchorage, Alaska. We had glaciers off the coast hit temperatures of 84 degrees. Yes, climate change is real. So yesterday Donald Trump gives this speech and it's also worth noting that a, just a few moments before he gave that speech, Washington DC had one of the heaviest rainfalls that they have ever had in recorded history. Basically what they're calling a month's worth of rain fell in less than an hour. Even parts of the White House ended up flooding from this torrential downpour. So yes, extreme weather that comes from climate changes all over this country, right? This second, Donald Trump didn't want to talk about that. Donald Trump doesn't want to address any of the possible solutions or paths forward. And we know that because he told us that. But the reason it's the reasoning that he's attempting to use or con the American people into believing is what is so absolutely disgusting. And here he is explaining for himself why he doesn't want to move forward with any kind of environmental action. Take a look,
"...kill millions of jobs. It'll crush the dreams of the poorest Americans, and disproportionately harm minority communities. I will not stand for it. We will defend the environment, but we will also defend American sovereignty, American prosperity, and we will defend American jobs."
So that's right folks, if we protect the environment, if we make the air a little cleaner in the water, a little cleaner, if we move towards a green economy, minorities and poor people are going to suffer because of that. So I guess in Donald Trump's mind, we need to keep burning fossil fuels, keep emitting more carbon into the atmosphere, keep all that lead in the drinking water along with all the PFASs and PFOAs, all those other toxic chemicals, the fracking chemicals. Let's keep that in the water because by God, if we take that out, black people are going to be so much worse off here in the United States. Right? What's interesting about Donald Trump's comments here, and I'm annoyed that there aren't more people talking about this, is the fact that environmental racism is very real here in the United States. There have been plenty of studies that prove that people of color here in the United States are adversely effected by pollution, by climate change, than any other demographic.

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