Epstein’s Death Won’t Stop Victims From Chasing Justice

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Published on 14 Aug 2019, 21:50
Mike Papantonio sits down with author and attorney Carissa Phelps to discuss what obstacles Jeffrey Epstein’s sudden death brings to the case of his accusers. Having survived a sex trafficking ring herself at a young age, Carissa now points to activism taken across the country against sexual abusers and traffickers, arguing that Epstein’s victims won’t be silenced in their pursuit for justice among the powerful and famous connected with the late financier.

Then, legal researcher Sarah Merced walks us through billionaire George Soros’s “Open Society Foundation,” which seeks to legalize prostitution worldwide. Though the plan purportedly protects sex workers from criminalization and stigma, Sarah suggests global legalization would actually exacerbate these problems for millions of women in the sex industry.

Plus, attorney Kim Adams breaks down the goal of “End Child Prostitution and Trafficking” (ECPAT), an organization that shines a spotlight on institutions like the hospitality industry for facilitating and even brokering the sexual exploitation of workers for the sake of profit.

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