Chopper's Brexit Podcast: US relations, party defections, and why Parliament can’t stop no-deal

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Published on 15 Aug 2019, 4:45
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On the podcast menu this week: the Telegraph’s Senior Foreign Correspondent, Roland Oliphant, talks us through a recent meeting with Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton -- who is seen by many Brexiteers as a key ally in future trade talks.

And - in an interview that contains some unsettling language - the former Brexit Party leader, Catherine Blaiklock, explains why she recently joined the Conservative Party, and answers questions about a series of racist tweets that she is known to have posted.

Also on the episode: Professor Tim Bale discusses his new book about modern political party membership, and Maddy Thimont-Jack from the Institute for Government tells us why, according to her research, it’s going to be nigh on impossible for Parliament to stop a no-deal exit.

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