9 Pie Mukbang With Todrick Hall | The Breakdown Ep. 10

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Published on 24 Aug 2019, 12:00
The Breakdown host Luke Mones sits down with Todrick Hall, the multi-talented YouTuber, American Idol contestant and current star of Broadway’s “Waitress.” Since pies figure heavily in the musical, Luke and Todrick sample a table full of delicious baked goods, performing a mukbang for viewers. Todrick favors the lemon meringue, while Luke especially enjoys the banana coconut. Then, Luke and Todrick play the game “Applause or Dramatic Pause,” to learn more about Todrick’s favorite, and least favorite, things.

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In this episode:

00:30: Pie Mukbang with Todrick Hall
06:04: Applause or Dramatic Pause