France: Climate activists rally in Bayonne carrying upside down Macron portraits

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Published on 25 Aug 2019, 14:30
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Hundreds of social and climate change activists took to the streets of Bayonne on Sunday, as they protested against French President Emmanuel Macron's environmental policies while the G7 summit in nearby Biarritz was underway.

Demonstrators marched through the old town of Bayonne, carrying upside down and wrapped portraits of Macron that were reportedly stolen from city halls across the country.

The protesters, who criticise the French president's statements on climate change, demanded actions be taken to diminish the country's carbon footprint and called out Macron for what they say is a gap between his words and climate policies.

"He's claiming he is the climate change champion on the G7, and we want to show today in Bayonne that [that] is not the case" said activist Cecile Marchand.

According to media reports, at least 128 portraits of Macron have been taken from town halls across the country, after activist movements encouraged the theft of at least 125 portraits before the G7 summit, matching the 125 days it allegedly took France to breach its annual carbon footprint this year.

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