Body Camera Video Captures Shooting After Suspect Grabs Officers Gun

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Published on 7 Sep 2019, 1:56
** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **
West Valley police released four body cam videos of the moments right before a handcuffed DUI suspect was shot and killed by an officer inside West Valley City Hall. Police said on August 23rd officers responded to a call regarding a DUI at a business in the area of 2900 South Redwood Road. The caller reported that Chad Michael Breinholt, the boyfriend of a fellow employee, was intoxicated and causing problems at the place of business, officials said. When officers responded they said Breinholt had been driving intoxicated. He was arrested and taken to the West Valley City Police Department DUI processing room in the basement of city hall located at 3600 Constitution Blvd. Several officers were in or near the room when the routine fast-forwarded to deadly in a matter of seconds. Breinholt went to remove a shoe, apparently said he had a gun in it, and then an officer said the suspect had his gun.

There’s commotion, as officers rushed Breinholt, and then a pop. An officer radioed “shots fired.” “From what I can see from the video, Breinholt has a firm grip on the handle of the gun,” said Chief Colleen Jacobs. Police even froze a frame and enlarged it to make their point. When asked, “Was there a gun taken by him [Breinholt] from any of the officers?“ the chief said “It’s my understanding in watching the video, that when it was all said and done, the officers had their firearms in their holsters,” , “including the one who fired the shots.” The chief would not say if Breinholt did, in fact, have a firearm in the shoe—calling that part of the investigation by Salt Lake City Police. The officer who fired is on administrative leave.

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