Trump Goes Sharpie CRAZY

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Published on 8 Sep 2019, 19:00
Trump goes sharpie crazy because he can't admit he's wrong. John Iadarola and Brett Erlich break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Vice President Mike Pence engaged in some questionable patronage of a Trump property while traveling abroad, the administration shuffled millions away from key government projects (including Puerto Rico recovery) to pay for President Trump’s border wall, and things got real weird with Brexit, but all US media could do this week was talk about a Sharpie-altered map of Hurricane Dorian to prove a Trump tweet about Alabama.

We’re looking at you, CNN, who played right along with Trump in the distraction game.

To back up a bit: This all began on Sunday when the president tweeted a warning about Hurricane Dorian and said that in addition to Florida, “South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated by the storm.” Apparently, he was wrong about Alabama, and the Birmingham National Weather Service quickly corrected him.

It all could have ended there, but of course it didn’t.

On Wednesday, weather reporters and other experts noticed that it looked like someone had drawn an extra little bubble onto a map of the path of a storm in a video of Trump talking about it. People started to wonder whether Trump or someone else had used a Sharpie pen — which the president is known to use — to doctor the map so it looked like he had been right. #SharpieGate was born."

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