PRESIDENTIAL ENDORSEMENT: Trump backs Dan Bishop in North Carolina

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Published on 9 Sep 2019, 23:47
President Trump's Monday rally in North Carolina is critical to Republicans hopes ahead of both a special U.S. House election and the GOP's hopes in 2020, according to former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Republican contender Dan Bishop, a state senator, has a good chance of winning Tuesday, Walker told host Neil Cavuto Monday on "Your World."

"President Trump did well there in the past. The left was more motivated going into the 2018 election, which is not uncharacteristic any time you've got an incumbent," he said.

"I think it's going to be critical in North Carolina as it will be going into 2020 that Republican right-of-center voters wake up and realize the left is motivated and we've got to be just as motivated. I think the president being there will remind people just how critically important this election is."

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