Bahamians Escaping Hurricane Dorian Denied TPS Status, As Other TPS Holders Live In Uncertainty

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Published on 11 Sep 2019, 22:29
Typically, when civil wars or natural disasters like hurricanes level large portions of other nations, the U.S. government lends a hand with a type of humanitarian aid known as Temporary Protective Status, or TPS. It's a designation that lets foreign nationals temporarily live in this country because it's too dangerous for them to return to their own. But just days after Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas, the Trump administration is essentially closing the doors, saying Bahamians will not be given TPS status.

But they're not the only ones the Trump administration is looking to shut out. The White House is also looking to cut off TPS status for six other countries — including El Salvador, which is the largest group of TPS holders in the U.S. and many of whom live in the Boston area. As Liz Neisloss reports, they are also dealing with a lot of uncertainty.