This 2020 Candidate Scares The HELL Out of Wall Street

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Published on 12 Sep 2019, 4:00
Wall Street is really afraid of one particular 2020 candidate, and they should be. Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, and Ashlee Marie Preston discuss on The Young Turks. MORE TYT:

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"CNBC’s Jim Cramer reported today that Wall Street executives are “fearful” of an Elizabeth Warren presidency. He said that “when you get off the desk and talk to executives, they’re more fearful of her winning.”

He added that Warren’s “very compelling” on the stump and could do well.

David Faber says he’s heard similar worries, adding, “It’s another reason why companies are being implored to do things now… because come early-to-mid-2020, if Elizabeth Warren’s rolling along, everybody is going to be like, ‘That’s it.'”*

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, Ashlee Marie Preston

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, Ashlee Marie Preston


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