Dialogue Special: Xinjiang - Combating terrorism and extremism Episode 2

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Published on 22 Sep 2019, 11:45
The experience of Serbia and the collapse of the former Yugoslavia are clear examples of the difficulty of managing relations among ethnic and religious groups. Following the death of Tito in 1980, factions in Yugoslavia became polarized and led the nation to split. As the refugee crisis in European countries brings greater dangers of extremism, what is Europe's experience in combating and preventing terrorism and radicalization?

No country is immune to terrorism. Almost every part of the world has suffered great losses from tragedies brought by extremists. In response, different countries have taken various measures, but fighting is not enough. The international community needs to embark on an effective, concerted, and coherent battle against terrorism, in all its forms. What lessons and experience on counter-terrorism and de-radicalization can be shared among countries?

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