LAST ONE TOGETHER: Nik Wallenda, mom complete Hard Rock highwire walk in Florida

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Published on 3 Oct 2019, 21:25
The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa showed off its newly completed expansion Thursday in a true rock star fashion.

A number of celebrities walked the red carpet, but the highlight was Nik Wallenda and his mother walking a tight-rope between the hotel’s tower, 16 stories in the air.

That wire was only as thick as a nickel, but Wallenda and his mother, 66-year-old Delilah, easily completed the walk together. The walk with the mother and son was extra special since it was Delilah's final walk of her career before retiring.

With intense music blaring from below, Nik began his walk on the wire from one building, while Delilah started from the other side. As the two neared the middle, Delilah sat down on the wire and Nik stepped over her. Once Delilah got to the other side, she then retraced her steps and followed her son back over the wire. Just minutes after beginning the death-defying highwire stunt, the mother and son finished their walk and waved to the cheering crowd below.

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