Rudy Giuliani Goes Completely Bonkers And Blames Obama For Trump’s Ukraine Scandal

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Published on 9 Oct 2019, 20:00
Rudy Giuliani needs to seek professional help. He is becoming more desperate, incoherent, and completely unhinged with each passing day. During an appearance on Fox News this week, Giuliani someone managed to rope Obama into the Ukraine scandal, as his boss goes down in flames and continues to obstruct the impeachment probe. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses Giuliani’s very disturbing mental breakdown.
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You know, a lot has been said about Donald Trump's mental decline, and it's very obvious. I mean, Donald Trump is in mental decline, but I think we also need to talk about his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who is very clearly declining even faster than Donald Trump. On a recent appearance on a Trish Reagan's program on Fox news. Giuliani absolutely went off the deep end and somehow managed to blame this entire Ukraine scandal on Barack Obama. Here it is.

This is the president's duty to look into this because the other side saying, wait a second, what's this a problem that he's looking into it because you know, it's teeny little Ukraine that doesn't have a whole lot, and it's going to be kind of dependent on that 300 some odd million dollars that the U S may or may not give them. She, uh, don't you think that hypocrites, when they don't care about the fact that they are even more dependent on the one point $2 billion that Joe Biden extorted them with to get his phone off the hook? I mean, tell me, tell me that. Not hypocrites. And he tells me they're not hypocrite. Somebody has got to exercise this, this, we elected this president to clean up the swamp. The swamp is considerably worse than I thought. So, and the reason the Democrats are fighting so hard is it's going to go further than Joe Biden. Do you think Obama just turned his back on this? If he turned his back on this, what else did he turn his back on? It's almost impossible to have turned your back on this. The New York times stuck it right in Obama's face. They said, your vice president has a glaring conflict of interest. What did Obama do? He didn't get up out of his Benghazi sleep to do a darn thing about it. Now I don't know how far it goes, but I know what goes further than Joe Biden. And there may be some of those people there who are obstructing this investigations, the ones that we're calling world leaders and telling them not to, not to cooperate with bar. I don't know. They may have a few problems.

Okay. So Rudy Giuliani, clearly a little unhinged there. Very incoherent. And uh, just all around nutty I think is a good descriptor for Rudy Giuliani because nothing he said made any sense. He had nothing to actually back up any of his claims except his own personal notebook that he wrote a couple of things in and shove that in front of the camera for some reason that that doesn't validate anything. Rudy, you could have literally written anything on there and held it up and said, look, see, no, nobody cares about your stupid notes. Nobody except Trish Regan did seem to agree with you a little bit on that. But let's get one thing clear about this entire Ukraine scandal. The president had admitted to it, and I think that the idiots on Fox news seem to forget that the president admitted he talked to the Ukraine about Joe Biden. He did Rudy Giuliani, the idiot in that clip already tweeted out the text messages that corroborate the whistleblower story. That's evidence and it proves the story correct. So I dont know what Giuliani thinks he can accomplish by going out there and repeatedly lying and trying to pin this on Barack Obama. You know, Hillary Clinton mentioned a couple of days ago that Donald Trump is just so obsessed with her. And he is but not as obsessed as he is with Barack Obama and that is also seen through Rudy Giuliani. And I think the other thing that these people don't seem to understand is that most of us on

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