Aerial Shots of Massive Lebanon Protests

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Published on 20 Oct 2019, 21:07
Tens of thousands of anti-government, Lebanese protesters gathered in Beirut, Sunday, October 20, as seen in aerial shots of the city.
READ MORE: Tens of thousands of Lebanese protesters of all ages gathered Sunday in major cities and towns nationwide, with each hour bringing hundreds more people to the streets for the largest anti-government protests yet in four days of demonstrations.

The spontaneous mass demonstrations are Lebanon's largest in five years, spreading beyond Beirut. They are building on long-simmering anger at a ruling class that has divvied up power among themselves and amassed wealth for decades but has done little to fix a crumbling economy and dilapidated infrastructure.

The unrest erupted after the government proposed new taxes, part of stringent austerity measures amid a growing economic crisis. The protests have brought people from across the sectarian and religious lines that define the country.