Police and Protester Share Emotional Embrace in Chile

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Published on 22 Oct 2019, 22:49
As violent protests in Chile resulted in the death of 15 people and the arrest of 2,600, an emotional embrace in Santiago between a protester and a police officer turned viral on social media as a sign of peace and hope, Monday, October 21.
Chile's government said Tuesday that 15 people have been killed in five days of rioting, arson and violent clashes that have almost paralyzed the South American country and rocked its global image as the region's oasis of stability.
About half of Chile's 16 regions remained under an emergency decree and some were a under military curfew, the first — other than for natural disasters — imposed since the country returned to democracy in 1990 following a bloody 17-year dictatorship.
Riot police used tear gas and streams of water to break up marches by rock-throwing demonstrators in several streets of Santiago on Tuesday, while military and police guarded other Chileans who formed long lines at supermarkets.