Netflix Creates "Skip Trump Jokes" Button For Seth Meyers' Special

Published on 4 Nov 2019, 22:05
Seth Meyers has a debut Netflix comedy special that is available now called "Lobby Baby".
The special has bits about being a father and his wife's unorthodox experience giving birth.
The special also features a button that lets users skip the Trump jokes, reports Business Insider.
Meyers came up with the idea for a button that takes viewers past his political comedy.
It will work the same way the "skip introductions" button works on all Netflix series.
So when he transitions to poking fun at Trump, viewers can opt out of watching that segment.
Meyers has not shied away from poking fun at the president or criticizing him.
On "Late Night," he has said Trump is "worse than Nixon," "deeply unfit for the office," and has a "huge" ego.
Meyers hopes fans think the button is funny, but that he doesn't think they'll actually skip his Trump material.

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