Aide: Sondland Told Ukrainians He Was Acting On Trump's Order

Published on 17 Nov 2019, 1:29
White House national security aide Tim Morrison has revealed critical information to impeachment investigators.
Gordon Sondland is the US ambassador at the center of the Ukraine scandal imperiling Donald Trump’s presidency.
Sondland admits to discussing $400 million in US military aid with Ukrainian officials.
According to Politico, the aid package was frozen abruptly by Trump.
Sondland said it would be easier to pry loose if their president announced an investigation into Burisma.
Burisma is an energy company connected to former vice president Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.
Morrison said Sondland claimed to be acting on Trump’s orders, and in fact was regularly in touch with him.
Other impeachment witnesses have suggested Sondland has overstated his relationship with the president.
However, Morrison said he was repeatedly able to confirm that the envoy did speak directly with Trump.

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