13 Years After Man Is Executed, Judge Refuses To Let DNA Be Examined

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Why Warren Failed
Published on 19 Nov 2019, 1:09
The daughter of a man executed 13 years ago for murder does not have the right to seek DNA testing in the case.
It's the first time DNA evidence has been requested from a person who had already been executed.
A Memphis judge ruled on Monday that the daughter did not have standing in the case.
April Alley's father, Sedley Alley, was executed in 2006 for the 1985 murder of Marine Lance Cpl. Suzanne Collins.
Sedley Alley confessed to the crime after 12 hours of questioning. Later, he said the confession was coerced.
Since the early 1990s, 22 death row inmates around the US have been absolved of crimes through DNA evidence.
Newser reports the move came after investigators in a Missouri case contacted the Innocence Project.
Co-founder Barry Scheck had sought DNA evidence testing shortly before Alley's execution, but was denied.

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