The Supreme Court in 2020: A Look Ahead

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122 days – 2 34757:22
What is a Moral Foreign Policy?
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World Economic Update
Published on 25 Nov 2019, 18:14
Panelists discuss upcoming cases for the Supreme Court’s 2019–2020 term, and how the current makeup of the Supreme Court could affect landmark decisions.

Paul D. Clement
Partner, Kirkland & Ellis; Former U.S. Solicitor General

Jan Crawford
Chief Legal Correspondent, CBS News; Author, Supreme Conflict: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Control of the United States Supreme Court

Neal Katyal
Paul and Patricia Saunders Professor of National Security Law, Georgetown University Law Center; Partner, Hogan Lovells; Former Acting U.S. Solicitor General

Nina Totenberg
Legal Affairs Correspondent, NPR

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