Sec. Stephanie Pollack Says Full Grant Thornton Transcripts Released To Lawmakers

Published on 26 Nov 2019, 0:21
It is a well-known fact that traffic in the Boston area is bad and getting worse, and that the MBTA continues to experience difficulties with delayed rides, poor service, and the occasional derailment. Gov. Baker says that his administration has made significant strides toward improvement while still acknowledging there is much work to be done, and argues that his proposed $18 billion bill will be another significant fix. Meanwhile, questions remain about the RMV licensing scandal that was brought to light by a deadly crash this summer that killed seven people. Speaking to Jim Braude on the show Monday, Secretary Pollack answered questions about the state of public transportation and congestion, and also announced that the full transcripts of all the people interviewed for the Grant Thornton investigation had been released to legislators earlier in the day.