Argentina: Anti-rape anthem performed at flashmob in Buenos Aires

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Published on 7 Dec 2019, 16:24
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Hundreds of women's rights activists performed the popular anti-femicide flashmob called 'The rapist is you', in Buenos Aires on Thursday. The flashmob was organized by the Collective FindeUNmundO, Mujeres Audiovisuales, Las Mariposas - Auge and Abofem Argentina.

Footage shows the activists marching on the streets of the Argentinian capital, with black cloth covering their eyes, and chanting against femicide. The footage also shows the activists performing the flashmob, while onlookers film with their smartphones.

"Today's performance is in solidarity with our Chilean comrades above all, but also all our comrades, our Latin American brothers who are going through this coup d'etat, which is a complete lack of respect and an outrage, an atrocity against human rights and life," said Daniela Corageguini, a protester.

"It's that we are empowering ourselves. We are showing what's been brushed under the carpet. We are uncovering all the shit, and we're going to use that word, the shit that has been going on for so many years," she added.

The flashmob was conceived of by the feminist group Lastesis and was staged for the first time in the coastal city of Valparaiso on November 20. Since that date, the demos have gone viral with similar acts carried out in different cities of Chile, as well as in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin.

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