Dresden celebrates Christmas with a giant Stollen

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Published on 8 Dec 2019, 11:03
Dresden celebrated a traditional German dessert with a festival featuring a giant Stollen in the city's Schlossplatz square. Dresden has the largest number of Christmas markets in the eastern part of the country and this is one of the oldest seasonal events in Germany.

A stollen is made with flour, yeast and water and becomes a rich, sweet bread that can be filled with anything from fruits and nuts to marzipan. This year's giant Stollen weighs 1.8 tonnes and contained 3,600 eggs, 326 churns of milk, 1,000 kilos of flour, and took 150 bakers and their assistants a whole week to bake. The court architect, Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann, designed an oven and a special knife for the giant dessert.

Once complete, it was brought to Augustus in a procession and paraded on the back of a carriage pulled by eight horses.

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