Seoul City, civic group to work with N. Korea, Russia to excavate Admiral Yi Sun-shin's relics

Published on 9 Dec 2019, 6:05
서울시, 북한-러시아와 이순신 장군 북방 유적 발굴 나선다

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will work with North Korean and Russian organizations to excavate relics belonging to South Korea's most famous and best-loved admiral, Yi Sun-shin.
Admiral Yi was a naval general from Korea's Joseon Dynasty in the 1500s.
Officials strongly believe Yi's relics are buried on Russia's Noktundo Island and in North Korea's Hamgyeongbuk-do Province, where Yi was stationed as a military official.
Seoul City will provide support to a South Korean civic group, which will conduct research and excavation jointly with North Korean and Russian partner organizations.
The excavation will start in March next year and depending on the results, the areas could be designated as historic and cultural relics for preservation.

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