US To Make It Even Harder To Visit Cuba

Published on 10 Dec 2019, 21:52
CNN reports that starting on Tuesday, it's going to get even more difficult for US citizens to visit Cuba.
That's when a Trump administration mandate to US airlines to cut flights to nine destinations on the island takes effect.
Only US flights to Cuba's capital Havana won't be canceled.
The measure, announced in October, adds to an increasing list of punishing sanctions meted out to Cuba.
The Trump administration has called on the Cuban government to enact numerous democratic reforms.
They include holding multi-party elections, ending the harassment of political opponents, and stopping supporting the Maduro regime in Venezuela.
The Cuban military oversees much of the island's tourism industry.
US officials say they are canceling the flights to deprive the Cuban military of badly needed income.
The measure will largely impact Cuban-Americans who take the direct flights to visit family on the island, often over the holidays.

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