Greenpeace Activists Arrested After Mounting Banner on EU Building

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Published on 12 Dec 2019, 20:20
Greenpeace climate activists were arrested after they scaled the façade of the European Council building in Brussels, Thursday, December 12, after unfurling a banner calling for greater climate action.
READ MORE: European Union leaders on Thursday will push to agree to make their bloc climate neutral by 2050, luring reluctant eastern member states with promises of extra money for their heavily-polluting economies.

The bloc's 27 leaders will meet in Brussels at 1400 GMT, a day after the bloc's executive proposed a Green Deal to mobilize 100 billion euros worth of investment to help the bloc's economies move away from fossil fuels.

With floods, fires and droughts wrecking millions of lives around the world, the EU's new executive cast the plan as the bloc's "man on the moon moment," kindling hopes among campaigners that other big emitters may follow suit.

But coal-reliant Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic were not on board, saying a draft decision must spell out in more detail the scale and scope of financing available. They are wanting to include nuclear power in the EU's fresh push to cut emissions.