How ‘Bombshell’ Takes an Uncomfortable Elevator Ride | Anatomy of a Scene

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Published on 13 Dec 2019, 16:00
And you thought you’ve had uncomfortable elevator moments.

In this scene from “Bombshell,” about the women at Fox News who were harassed by the chairman and chief executive Roger Ailes, the characters are mostly silent. But the moment speaks volumes.

The fictional Kayla, played by Margot Robbie, has just been the victim of harassment by Ailes and is summoned back to his office. She is joined in the elevator by Megyn Kelly (Charlize Theron) and Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman).

“This was a very important scene because it’s the only time in the whole movie when all three women are in the same place,” the movie's director, Jay Roach, said in an interview.

He noted that while the women are all experiencing similar harassment issues, they don’t feel comfortable speaking to one another here. “The whole scene is about how these women are divided from each other, even though they’re all in this same tight space,” he said.

In his video narration, Roach discusses how he used cues from the score and specific camera shots to amplify the tension of the moment.

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