Jogger Accused Of Groping Reporter Charged With Sexual Battery

Published on 14 Dec 2019, 14:10
According to Newser, a male jogger who groped a reporter while she was broadcasting live was arrested on a misdemeanor sexual battery charge.
WSAV's Alex Bozarjian was live on TV, covering the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run when she stopped mid-broadcast after a jogger appeared to smack her on her backside, while running by.
She appeared visually distressed and sent out a tweet about the "smack and grab" incident afterwards. She also filed a criminal report against him.
Thomas Callaway, 43, a married dad of two, who is also a youth minister and Boy Scout leader, turned himself in on Friday.
He apologized after saying that he got "caught up in the moment."
Callaway added "I did not mean to do this. I think you're a great, great asset to this community and to the local media and to the national media. You're very talented."
The jogger could face up to a year in jail, if convicted.

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