Best Ideas For Making Fun New Year's Resolutions As A Family

Published on 29 Dec 2019, 19:08
When most people think about New Year's resolutions, their thoughts often turn to money and health.
For example, millions vow to lose weight, stop smoking, and save money.
But according to Business Insider, another option come December 31st is to make fun family resolutions.
In fact, your kids will be much more likely to stick to goals that feel fun and exciting, rather than grueling and painful.
For example, you might decide your family's goal is to fill a bulletin board with things you're grateful for every week.
You could also establish a new 30-day challenge every month.
Family challenges could range from cleaning out all the closets and drawers to learning a new skill together.
Or, make a bucket list of things the family can do in the next year. Then, then decide when and how you're going to do them.
It could include anything from places you want to visit to tasks you want to accomplish. Happy New Year!

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