Secondhand Man Cave Couch Reveals Hidden Treasure

Published on 18 Jan 2020, 21:37
In December, a Michigan man bought a used couch for his man cave.
And according to CNN, he made an interesting discovery this week.
$43,000 in cash hidden in one of its cushions, to be exact!
Howard Kirby bought the couch from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Owosso, Michigan.
An attorney told Kirby he had no legal obligation to return the money.
But Kirby refused to keep the money, saying it didn't feel right.
He called the store to find out who donated the couch, and who the cash really belonged to.
That person was Kim Fauth-Newberry. The couch originally belonged to her grandfather, who died in 2019.
On Thursday, Kirby returned the money to Fauth-Newberry. He kept the couch, though!

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