Former Trump Official Invokes The “So What” Defense Of Trump’s Crimes

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Published on 19 Jan 2020, 21:00
Donald Trump’s former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program this week to defend the President, but his defense was about as weak as they come. Priebus said that the best defense right now is to invoke the “so what?” method of saying that the crimes the President committed aren’t even impeachable. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.
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There's little doubt left in the minds of anyone in this country unless you're on the far right that Donald Trump did in fact commit crimes. I mean the government accountability office, Donald Trump's own federal government this week came out and said, yes, the president committed a crime. All of the information from Lev Parnas earlier this week, and even before that tells us that, yeah, Donald Trump committed a crime. But don't tell that to the people on the far right. Don't tell that to people like former Trump administration, chief of staff, Reince Priebus, because they simply don't care. See, that's the point we're at right now in this whole, did Donald Trump commit crimes or not? Everybody is saying, yeah, he did. But Republicans have a new defense launched by Reince Priebus on Sean Hannity's program on Thursday night. And rather than give it away, I'll let mr Priebus explain it himself. This is their new defense.
Yeah, no, no doubt about it. And guess what? Sometimes the best defense is the so like defense, which is if everything that Democrats said is true, it's still not impeachable. If everything Lev Parnas has said is true, it's still not impeachable. I mean, that's what this is about. That's a great point.
So what, so what if he committed these crimes? So what if everybody's telling the truth? So what if he was trying to ask a foreign country to interfere in our election cycle yet again? So what, those aren't impeachable offenses. So sayeth Reince Priebus, the constitutional scholar, right? Oh no, I'm sorry. He's not a constitutional scholar. And the constitution is very clear. And also at the same time very vague about what constitutes impeachable offenses. High crimes. Like the president literally cannot walk out onto fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and misdemeanors. So you know, jaywalking is a misdemeanor by the way. So if he crosses the street when he doesn't have a signal, yeah, technically we can impeach him for that folks. It doesn't matter what it is because the constitution also says other things about it, but it doesn't go in to what those other things are.
You can launch an impeachment inquiry based on anything. And if you got the votes, who can impeach him and get him out. That's kind of how it works. And that's kind of how the founders wanted it to work. But all of that is just a lesson for mr Priebus who isn't even watching this right now. The real fact is that Republicans are at the point where they can't even defend it anymore. All of this evidence, the GAO report, every single thing is like, Oh yeah, he committed crimes. So now Republicans are just kind of throwing up their hands and say, so what? Who cares? I mean everybody commit crimes, right? I mean, no, that's not a viable defense, mr Priebus, and not shocking anymore. While you're no longer Donald Trump's chief of staff, I would love to see you walk out and do an actual press conference with adversarial reporters, not just Sean Hannity who says they're at the end.

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