FULL DAY 3: Senate Impeachment Trial enters 3rd day on Capitol Hill

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Published on 24 Jan 2020, 4:44
Attorney Robert Ray, a member of President Trump's legal defense team, hit back Wednesday at the Washington Post editorial board’s opinion piece that stated: “Trump’s impeachment defense is designed to destroy guardrails on presidential power.”

“The principle guardrail with regard to the exercise of presidential power is called an election and, guess what? We have one just nine months away,” Ray told “America’s Newsroom.”

“I disagree with the foundational premise of that editorial,” Ray added.
The opinion piece claimed, “Mr. Trump’s defense is designed to destroy those guardrails. If Republican senators go along with it, they will not only be excusing behavior that many of them believe to be improper. They will be enabling further assaults by Mr. Trump on the foundations of American democracy.”