The Five Types Of Grief That Have Nothing To Do With Death

Published on 16 Feb 2020, 19:20
Business Insider reports grief isn't only restricted to bereavement. Bereavement specialist Terri Daniel says there are five different types of grief.
They include estrangement, financial or worldly losses, illness or injury, relinquishment, and institutional losses.
Estrangement is where you feel a loss through a shift in the status of a friendship, romance, or family relationship.
Financial or worldly losses, like financial security, your home going into foreclosure, or getting laid off, can all impact your stability.
A life-changing illness or injury could lead to a loss of physical wellbeing. For example, losing the ability to walk or drive.
Relinquishment is a chosen loss, like giving up smoking or breaking up with someone.
Finally, there are institutional losses, where a social system such as a church or your company fails to live up to its promises to protect or look after you.

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