How To Tell If Your Pet Is More Than A Little Chunky

Published on 16 Feb 2020, 19:44
The cute, extra squishiness of a chubby pet can sometimes lead to long-term health problems.
And according to Business Insider, it could even lead to life-threatening medical conditions.
For starters, overweight pets are at risk of joint and back problems, inflammation, and dangerous heart and lung dysfunction.
One subtle sign of animal obesity is if your pet's back is perfectly flat.
Also, a dirty, messy coat can be a sign that your pet has gained too much weight to be able to properly groom themselves.
If your pet looks like a sausage with an abdomen that has a uniform circumference right down to the back legs, your pet is likely overweight.
And finally, if your pet sits down at every opportunity or is walking differently, they could be overweight.
When a pet gains weight, the extra pressure on their joints can cause arthritis problems with mobility.

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