Eggs Might Be Bad For Your Cholesterol, But Here's Whats Far, Far Worse

Published on 16 Feb 2020, 20:25
Eggs are the most concentrated source of cholesterol in our diet.
In fact, Business Insider reports just one egg has 186 mg of the fatty, waxy stuff.
But no matter how much "bad" cholesterol you eat, trans fats may contribute more to cholesterol levels than foods with cholesterol in them.
Research is inconclusive about whether eggs are bad for heart health. However, egg whites provide a good low-cholesterol alternative.
Experts say saturated and trans fats may contribute more to cholesterol levels compared to how much "bad" cholesterol you eat.
That's because most of your cholesterol — about 80% — is produced in the body.
Your liver converts saturated and trans fats into cholesterol, leading nutritionists to believe they're actually worse for you than dietary cholesterol.

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