Iran: Khamenei casts ballot in legislative election

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Published on 21 Feb 2020, 8:30
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Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei cast his vote in the country's seventh parliamentary election on Friday in Tehran, in what he described as a 'religious duty'. Khameni could be seen entering the polling station and taking to staff before casting his ballot. The Supreme Leader congratulated the people in what he defined as a 'national celebration day' and said, "It is the restoration of the civil rights of the nation, that they want to come for voting and participate in managing the country's affairs which is their right." "This is a religious duty," he added. "Elections guarantee the country's national interests and whoever is interested in the country's national interests must take part in the election." Around 58 million people are eligible to take part in the elections in Iran, choosing between 7,000 candidates from 250 registered parties, at any of the 55,000 polling stations that have been set up across the country.

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