Banned Baby Names From Around The World

Published on 21 Feb 2020, 16:05
People generally have strong opinions about a baby's name. A lot of governments do, too.
The U.S doesn't get too involved when it comes to baby-naming regulations, but other countries are much stricter.
In places like Italy, France, Malaysia, and New Zealand, the government has the right to reject the parent's choices.
HuffPost reports that proud parents in Germany were heartbroken in 2017 when their baby couldn't be name Lucifer.
In 2015, a court in Valenciennes, France, ruled that a couple could not name their daughter Nutella.
A 2014 law in the Mexican state of Sonora forbade one set of parents from naming their son Robocop.
Another choice from the Mexican state of Sonora’s forbidden names list was Facebook. Twitter, Yahoo and Email.

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