Italy: Coronavirus case confirmed in northern Italy

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Published on 21 Feb 2020, 20:05
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Lombardy region authorities confirmed the first locally transmitted case of coronavirus in Italy during a press conference in Milan on Friday.

Regional Councilor for Health Giulio Gallera informed that the infected, a 38-year-old man, has been hospitalised in Codogno hospital. He headed to the hospital's emergency room with complaints of a fever after he apparently met several times with his friend who had returned from China.

"His state has deteriorated quickly and at one point when he was tranfered to the intensive therapy, unit, only at that moment, after insisting [to have] questions from anesthesitians his wife remembered that in first days of February he had met several times his friend who has been in China and returned earlier from his trip. Then we made analyses and got a confirmation," stated Gallera.

The friend of the hospitalised man is at Milan's Sacco Hospital and, according to Gallera, "during this entire period never had complaints [of illness]."

Gallera added that the people who had direct contacts with the infected person will be placed in mandatory quarantine, according to ministerial order.

Authorities also later announced a further five infections, all of them in Lombardy and several of them linked to the 38-year-old man's case.

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