Mussoorie: Tibetan Buddhists celebrate New Year, Diwali at Dalai Hills

Published on 25 Feb 2020, 1:45
Tibetan Buddhists celebrate their New Year and diwali festival at Dalai Hills Mussoorie. The festival is also known as Losar. People from the Tibetan Buddhist community gathered at Mussoorie Dalai Hill and offered special prayers to the protector deities. Tibetan Buddhists also offer special noodle ‘Guthuk’ on this occasion. Guthuk is prepared using nine different ingredients including dried cheese and various grains. Religious flags and sacred scriptures were used by Tibetans to celebrate Losar. Buddhists tribal people in their finest new traditional attires participate in the festival and have fun along with wishing prosperity and good health to friends and kin on Losar.

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